Poe & Cronk Announces Sale of Salem Historic Building

Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group today announced the sale of 5,075 SF building located at 21 E. Main Street, Salem, Virginia.

Tarpley’s and Mac’s Appliances has been in this building since 1948. Olde Salem Brewing Company will now be the new owners. This is a prime opportunity to open a brewery downtown according to the new owners.

The building has private parking in the back that would allow food trucks to set up shop. Distribution isn’t planned yet but could be on the table in the future. The new owner hopes to incorporate some of the appliance store themes into the renovations since it called the building home for so many years.

Dennis Cronk, CCIM and Peter Ostaseski, CCIM facilitated this transaction on behalf of the Sellers. The property sold for $450,000.


Poe & Cronk Announces Sale of Salem Historic Building

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