Identifying Available Sites

Whether you are a corporation looking for a new location or a developer wanting a new site for:

  • office
  • retail
  • industrial
  • investment

The professionals at Poe & Cronk will add significant value to the process.

Selecting the Best Site


  • an extensive database of existing properties and available sites
  • state-of-the-art software
  • aerial photographs
  • accurate demographic information
  • comparable property sales
  • extensive regional market knowledge

The professionals at Poe & Cronk will identify all options and give you insight into the variables affecting those opportunities.

The Site Acquisition Process

The acquistion of property involves a myriad of details, and issues sometimes arise that complicate land transactions. Poe & Cronk has extensive experience assisting clients with:

  • zoning
  • plan of development requirements
  • utility locations
  • road improvements
  • incentives

We focus on the details and processes involved in the site acquisition process so you can concentrate on the growth of your business.

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